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From groundbreaking research by our faculty to entrepreneurial students to alumni changing the world, we use our digital publications to share and celebrate the talents and contributions of our Cougar family.

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Editorial Guidelines

As a matter of editorial policy, we generally do not remove published articles from our news site, The College Today. The reason for this policy is that our university news site serves as an historical record for our campus community. Therefore, we want our archived news content to be preserved as an accurate reflection of the campus and the community as they existed at any given point in time.

However, if an article contains inaccurate or copyrighted information that was not identified during the editing and review process, we can correct that specific information within the article. If significant new information or updates about a topic or individual we have written about becomes available, we will consider writing a follow-up article.

In some unique cases, there may be extenuating circumstances that would compel us to edit or unpublish an archived article for other reasons. If you feel your situation warrants further consideration by our editorial team, please provide any additional information that we should consider in our evaluation.